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Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Felix Mattress made from?
  • The Felix Mattress is comprised of four innovative layers of premium quality materials.
  • First layer: 60ml of Pinhole Gel infused Visco sheet foam.
  • Second layer: 15ml of Pinhole Latex sheet foam.
  • Third layer: 75ml of Pinhole soft sheet foam.
  • Forth layer: 100ml of extra firm sheet foam.
  • The border and panel fabric and the foam surrounding the wall has pinholes to easily push out moisture for extra breathability and further cooling comfort.
What are the dimensions of the Felix Mattress?
  • Felix Mattresses are made in-line with the standard Australian mattress sizes.
  • Single: 92W x 188L x 25H (cm)
  • King Single: 107W x 203L x 25H (cm)
  • Double: 138W x 188L x 25H (cm)
  • Queen: 153W x 203L x 25H (cm)
  • King: 183W x 203L x 25H (cm)
How big is the box that the Felix Mattress comes in?
Regardless of the specific size of Felix Mattress you choose, all are delivered in a standard size box of 50W x 50L x 105H cm.
How much does the Felix box weight?
The total weight of the Felix box does depend on the size of the mattress you choose and ranges from 25 kg to 40 kg for the single through to the king.
Is the Felix Mattress hot to sleep on?
Simply put – no. Pinholes on the first three layers as well as Pinholes on the border and panel fabric and the foam surrounding the wall pushes out moisture for extra breathability and a cool, refreshing sleep.
Can the Felix hold my weight?
The Felix Mattress is designed to provide optimum support for up to 200kg.
Should I use a particular bed frame with the Felix Mattress?
Felix Mattresses are designed to be used on any flat and firm surface. The Felix is compatible with most base options including slats, box spring and platform.
How long does it take for the Felix Mattress to return to its normal sleeping size once removed from the box?
Your Felix Mattress will be ready to sleep on in only minutes. Why not capture the moment in a nice little unboxing video!
How long can I keep the Felix Mattress in its box?
You will probably want to jump on your Felix Mattress right away, but just in case you can’t you can keep the mattress in the box for up to three months.
Do I have to wait before I can sleep on it?
You can jump on your Felix Mattress for a short, or long, sleep right away.
When will my Felix Mattress be delivered?
We will do everything we can to work with you to find a date and time that accommodates your needs. Speak with our team to find a time that is perfect for you and our couriers will make sure you are home for their arrival.